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Northern Ireland (NI) Auctions and Auctioneers

This page of is an auctions and auctioneers information website and database of regular auctions for licensed auctioneers and valuers in Northern Ireland (NI).

Northern Ireland (NI) Auctioneers

We will list any bona fide auction or auctioneer in Northern Ireland (NI) in the categories:

Northern Ireland (NI) farm clearance sales auctions / Northern Ireland (NI) farm equipment auctions.

Northern Ireland (NI) auction sale of collectibles such as stamps, coins, jewellery.

Auctions of classic cars and fine art in Northern Ireland (NI).

Northern Ireland (NI) wine auction business, where serious collectors can gain access to rare bottles and mature wine vintages, not typically available through retail channels.

Northern Ireland (NI) real estate, property auctions including; Northern Ireland (NI) residential and commercial real estate, farms, vacant lots, building plots and land for auction in Northern Ireland (NI).

Northern Ireland (NI) general auctions, for the sale of consumer second-hand goods of all kinds, particularly Northern Ireland (NI) house clearance auctions.

Northern Ireland (NI) industrial plant, machinery and office equipment auctions - surplus or through insolvency.

Northern Ireland (NI) commodities auctions: metals, grain, fuel and oil.

Livestock auctions in Northern Ireland (NI), where sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock are sold by auction.

Northern Ireland (NI) used vehicle or car / auto auctions for ex police, fire, ambulance or military vehicle auctions in Northern Ireland (NI).

Northern Ireland (NI) thoroughbred auctions where yearling horses and other bloodstock are auctioned.

Northern Ireland (NI) auctions for previously sold or cosmetically damaged electrical goods and furniture.

Government and local government surplus auctions in Northern Ireland (NI).

Charity auctions in Northern Ireland (NI).

Northern Ireland (NI) sports memorabilia auctions, particularly; old golf, tennis, cricket equipment auctions.

Northern Ireland (NI)

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